- ETO Leisure Centre in Győr in the interior construction of the upper levels which can be connected in the internal bridge construction,
- M0 motorway in Csömör the pedestrian crossover construction
- PML Ltd. (Veszprém) automotive supplies and test stand production
- Prototeam Hungary Ltd. (Nemesvámos) repairing of the equipments at their places
- Unilever Ltd. mass production of icebox for ice cream wagons
- Győr Distillery Co. Industrial site: bearings,of water cooling towe
- Veszprém Co. Municipal Utility maintenance and refurbishment of repairing machines, etc
- Car Ltd. "Version" installing of the molding assembly line

Zso - Jó Vp 97 Bt.
8200 Veszprém
Kisréti u. 2032/2. hrsz.


Varga József
Veszprém, Kisréti u. 58.